Thursday, August 27, 2009

A million years later, with a confession

So, we left for tour almost two weeks ago. I hadn't gotten the hang of blogging regularly while being home, let alone being on the road. I never ever remember to take pictures, and if I do remember it's always pitch black outside. There isn't a whole lot to do on the road besides read and sleep, so its not like I am too busy or distracted to remember these things. Oh well!

And now for my confession: if I am not taking the picture myself, I cannot make serious faces. Ever. Well, I can if I really think about it but that's usually not the case.

So here are a few pictures from our couple of days spent in Denver last week. We had two days off there, which was great because I love Denver. The first day we just wandered around and then spent hours at Barnes and Noble. It was one of those days where I hated what I had on all day, but what can you do!

About half a second after this picture was taken I hit that guy in the head, oops!
dress- a gift
Shirt- TJ Maxx years & years ago

Tights- Target
Boots- Old Navy

The second day a good friend of ours took us to this amazing restaurant, I had wonderful sushi and Patrick had pizza. This perfectly depicts how different our food preferences are. He doesn't like vegetables and I don't like meat or cheese, ha ha.

We went to a wedding this past Sunday and this is the only picture that was taken. We have been in the Northwest this whole week and I wish we never had to leave! The Northwest is definitely my favorite place to be.
But off to California we go!

This post is getting very random. But I have one more thing! I would like to thank the very lovely lady Lauren for being kind enough to feature some of my work with a giveaway! It was so fun and exciting for me, so thank you very much ma'am!


  1. awww these pictures are fantastic! :) My boyfriend's band tours but I'm afraid they have such a packed van that I'm not able to go!
    You must be having tons of fun!

  2. haha! you are so crazy girl! i wish we lived closer so we could hang out more! hopefully we can visit you in october when we take tofu home! i love all your pictures. especially that last one. you are so cute!

  3. Love these photos, especially the one where you are about to hit that random guy in the head lol
    Haha I am the same though I can never keep a straight face or "look natural" in photos so I end up always doing a stupid giant grin.
    Great post.
    Beth xx

  4. you don't have to thank me for the giveaway, I should thank you!! everyone loved it!

    and these pictures are fantastic. it's great to see glimpses of the tour - you guys must have some crazy fun.

  5. hehehhe! That last picture is so RAD!!!

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