Monday, July 26, 2010

Hello friends!

Well it has just been far too long since I've posted last! I also need to apologize for being so behind on getting back to everyone's comments, whoops. I just got back from a trip to Washington to visit family and go to my sister's wedding. It was extremely fun, the weather was nice, the wedding was great, and a good time was had all around. I just about died from excitement over the weather. It still reached 100 degrees a couple of the days, but when there's zero humidity those high temperatures mean squat. I definitely do not appreciate southeastern Georgia weather, boo! Immediately after getting back home from the trip I had to get to work for the farmer's market.

The pictures here are from a couple weeks ago because we forgot to take pictures this past weekend. The first picture is just a plain vanilla cupcake with pink vanilla buttercream, yum yum. And then I made s'mores cupcakes, which were SO fun to make. I will try and start posting farmer's market and baking updates more often, who doesn't want to read about delicious treats, I mean really. Speaking of delicious treats, if any of you live around Seattle please please go to Top Pot will not be sorry. I even took some on the plane to bring home to Patrick- they're THAT good! They somehow miraculously survived being smooshed into my backpack.

Oh, and in some most exciting news... I am getting a serger!!! I have gone back and forth between contemplating getting one or not each time I have a little bit of extra money. Well, this time I went for it! eeeee!


  1. yum!!!! i wish i didnt live so far away from the farmer's market, i would come buy some cupcakes from you!

  2. Yes, yes! And, if you ever felt like sharing any recipes, I wouldn't be sad. :)

  3. They look delicious!

    I just made s'more cupcakes too, only problem is I've never tasted a Graham cracker (I'm from Scotland) so I don't know if they tasted like the real deal or not...

  4. gosh those looks yum!!! Please share the recipe! xx

  5. Wonderful photos! You lucky girl getting a serger!!! I too need one but have to save up for it ^.^

  6. Those cupcakes look DELICIOUS, oh my goodness!! :D

  7. Awesome! What kind of serger did you get? It will change your life. I was so intimidated by mine at first (wait until you have to thread it by yourself for the first time- it's like trying to figure out how a space ship works) but now I don't know how I sewed without one. Holler if you have any questions; they can be a little confusing! Super excited for you though :)

  8. is he your boyfriend or husband? how cute, so lucky!


  9. gosh those looks yum!!! Please share the recipe! xx



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