Monday, October 4, 2010

Another meet up, well... sort of.

Warning: I am about to regurgitate pretty much everything said here, by a certain lovely lady.

But first! Last week I had the great pleasure of getting to spend some time in Portland, which is one of my favorite cities. Since then I have been in northern California. Now I know what you're thinking...I was just in Atlanta meeting up with other lovely ladies, what the heck is this traveling fool doing? Before you go on thinking I am some glamorous globetrotter let me stop you. My husband's band is recording up here and will be for the next couple of weeks. To get here required almost 50 hours straight in a stinky van, spending most of the time sleeping or being hungry and eating saltine crackers while laying down (no, no sometimes I can't be bothered to lift my head to eat). Oh I did get to eat a cruddy fast food bean burrito twice, one of my biggest guilty pleasures. Once we arrived in California late at night, I then got in another car and rode the 6 hours to Portland and arrived at 8 am. And then later rode a bus for 8 hours back to the studio. Not so glamorous.

Anyway... Now onto the point of this post!

I was able to stay with Annie for my trip, which was the best idea ever. This really wasn't a blogger meet up though, for we have known each other (and her now husband) for about 6 or 7 years...yikes! It's crazy how time flies. I feel like it was just a couple of years ago we were 18 and having the horrible (but at the time we thought we were dang cool)idea of listening to The Postal Service in a car ride while providing interpretive dance for each song. We also had bad hair cuts and clothing choices, like most people we knew did at the time. Stealing Annie's words, I could go on and on about what an amazing lady she is but I would end up sounding like we really do just want to date each other, haha.

We we went to a yummy bakery (a few times), thrift stores, delicious dinners and lunches,among other places. Obviously good/hilarious jokes were to be had throughout the week. Catching up with old friends is always a good time but even more so when you realize as you've grown up you just have more and more in common. That doesn't always happen. We had a lot of good and inspiring talks about lots of important life topics. I have a feeling we will be lifelong friends.

Oh, and duh, most importantly of all....she's so cute and pregnant!!

(isn't this the best color for tights? I am now on the hunt for a pair of rusty orange colored ones to be a copycat)


(above photos by myself, the rest were stolen from Annie)


There were also a few other ladies I was able to meet up with while in the area..but more on that later (none of my pictures turned out very well, so I am waiting for ones to steal!)


  1. great photos! what camera do you use?

  2. Okay, now I am on the hunt for rusty-orangeish tights to wear.
    And shoes like both of you have on! May I ask where the shoes came from?

  3. haha, I forgot about our stupid (awesome) interpretive dances to Postal Service!! :)
    Come back any time you want, my dear. Miss you!

  4. Sounds like fun- you both look so adorable! That first picture of Annie is so pretty!


  5. you both look really good!


  6. nice. i love sf. i'm in so cal and it seems like there arent a lot of bloggers around here of the same aesthetic. i like your pictures. great shoot locale! :)

  7. i saw (some) of these pictures on annie's blog, and it looks like you two had a fun time.

  8. You and Annie look so gorgeous hanging out together!
    I really love your hair, you remind me so much of Heather Graham's character in From Hell :D

    Btw, your beetroot cheeck tint was such an excellent idea! It was only recently that I was reading for my history course about how women did this to make their own blush during the war.

  9. Hey, sometimes not-so-luxurious traveling makes for a better adventure. :P

    Lovely post! Sounds like you and Annie had lots of fun. Both of your outfits are adorable, too. :)


  10. aw you guys are adorable and that sounds like the best trip! my bf is in a band and i am hoping for the day when i get to tag along on a cross country tour with him hehe!

  11. i adore these photographs, and i would also love to know what camera you use as the pictures are just so beautiful. xx.

  12. i adore these photographs, and i would also love to know what camera you use as the pictures are just so beautiful. xx.



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