Friday, March 25, 2011

Dreamy Outfits

I thought I would share some of the favorite outfits and ideas I've stumbled across recently. Some of them have I have been saving away for quite awhile! It is really really cold where I am in Ohio right now, so its easy to forget nice warm Spring is pretty much here. I need to exercise a little more (okay, by that I mean exercise at ALL, in ANY capacity) and eat a little less milk-chocolate-covered-peanutbutter-filled-pretzels (curse you Trader Joe's) to get ready for the no tights weather that is just around the corner!

So here is a random mixup of warm weather and not so warm weather outfits!

(click on photo for source)


  1. lervly, I like that there a wamrer outfit inspirations because we're heading into winter and I'm on the look out. Not that I can afford to buy anything but one can dream.

    p.s I made that apple crumble bar the other day SO good.

  2. Great selection! Thanks for sharing.

    I tend to gain weight during summer haha! I suppose holidays and ice creams aren't the best for keeping the figure haha.

  3. Your comment about exercise made me laugh! I'm the exact same way!

    I love the navy blue and caramel brown color combo in the last picture.

  4. Eek! Thanks for sharing, I adore the outfits! Especially the bag! x

  5. Adorable photos, especially the first one. You and your blog are enchanting :)

    Hugs from your fan in Paris xx

    Camille @ Paris in Pink



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