Saturday, March 26, 2011

Frozen Yogurt Stomps Coffee

A couple weeks ago when Beatrice and I had plans in the works for a meet-up when I would be in Southern California for an evening off from tour, I knew pretty quickly that things were going to be juuuuust fine. She swung by and picked me up after she got off work and we very quickly ditched the idea of coffee and set our sights on frozen yogurt. Just so everyone knows that is possibly my biggest obsession, my semi-lactose-intolerant-self will do just about anything to step foot in one of those dumb old places. YUM. Well anyway we gorged ourselves on cake batter frozen yogurt and spent quite awhile talking and laughing about all kinds of silly things. It was SO much fun! There are a handful of blogs that I have been reading for quite a long time and hers is one of them. I just fall head over heels for pretty much every outfit she's ever posted. Well she is just as charming, cute, and stylish in person, let me tell ya!

There is one certain extra lovely California girl that I had plans to get together with, but my schedule doesn't always leave room for flexibility, so we had to reschedule for some later date in the future! I feel so very fortunate to have met so many amazing ladies so far on this trip. Can we all just go and start our own little town... just think about it! Calling all cute blogger girls!

I have been the biggest doodoo head about remembering to use my camera, so these pictures are stolen from Beatrice here


  1. aw how fun!! it's so great how you're taking full advantage of traveling around. it must be a blast to meet all these adorable girls.
    and i LOVE your idea about creating a blogger girl town!! genius. pure genius.

  2. Reading about blogger meet-ups always makes me smile. You two are adorable, and I'm sure the frozen yogurt was delicious!

  3. both of you are lovely! and frozen yogurt is also an obsession of mine. nothing beats a healthy frozen yogurt snack! add to that those various delicious toppings. =)

  4. Nom nom nom! I'm so envious! You both look gorgeous by the way! x

  5. Aww, I'm kicking myself for missing the chance at making a new friend when you were here in Seattle. Ah well, another time!

  6. That looks yummy! I saw the post where you hung out with Starr. I wish I'd be more in the know when a fellow blogger ends up in the LR area!

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  7. hello there,
    I stumbled upon your blog, and love the illustrations that array it, such as your header. So adorable.

  8. I agree with you even if there is snow on the ground bring in the frozen yogurt.

  9. That was so much fun! I'm so glad to have met you!! If you're ever in town let me know so we can hang again ^,^ and I'm totes craving frozen yogurt right now...yums



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