Thursday, March 24, 2011

New friends!

Alright friends, I am WAY behind on some very fun and very exciting updates (that you may have already read about elsewhere)! We have been gone for almost 4 weeks... yikes! It feels like we have been gone forever, but at the same time it feels like its been about a week. The second feeling is why I have let myself slide so far behind! Whoopsies.

Anyway, a few weeks ago now at the very start of this tour I had the lovely, LOVELY pleasure of meeting up with Starr! My excitement went through the roof when I first discovered we would be stopping in Little Rock. I just love Starr's blog so much, she seems amazingly nice, and her pictures are always so wonderful. Well let me say that all of these things, and more, are completely true! Our adventure started with me climbing out of our stinky old van and finding myself outside of the cutest house. I was instantly greeted with warm smiles, hugs, and pretty much instant laughs; oh and of course the slightest ( at least compared to what you can hear in Georgia) and cutest little southern drawl. Starr's house is by far one of the most perfectly decorated and dream-come-true houses I've seen! It is an understatement to say I was quite envious. I dare say there wasn't one awkward moment, which is something you can feel so worried about right before meeting someone! We then had thrifting/eating/chatting (okay LOTS of chatting)/picture taking fun. We had so so much in common (some very strange things!) and am definitely rooting for another run-in with this lady.

So if somehow you aren't already a reader of her little corner of the blog world, for heaven's sake go there right now!

These photos were stolen from Starr, you can read about her account of our meetup here


  1. we need to actually hang out and have a girl's day someday!

  2. aw I MISS YOU ALREADY! love your recap of our visit and im actually glad it's late. means we get to relive it all over again. :)

    also, when did you make the dress from your last post? It's SOOO cute, as is those bow necklaces, too.

  3. i will make you some dolls and a collar and leave them with patrick, since we're going to their show here on the 2nd! you will be gone taking wedding pictures right? do you think the 21 inches for the collar will work? i can do whatever size.
    i like your skirt in these pictures!



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