Friday, April 8, 2011

Crafty Picnics

Well I am back with another recap of some friend time from a couple of days ago. This fancy red haired lady and I decided we would take advantage of the nice weather and have a panini/crafting picnic in the park. We first met at her amazing apartment (which is connected to this amazing park) and made a quick trip to the craft store, where I quickly got distracted and drooled over some stamp supplies and glitter for awhile.
Anyway, doesn't her apartment just look so cute (even though you can't see much in the picture)? I most definitely have apartment/house envy. When you share a house with boys, sometimes your only coping mechanism is to just not care anymore or worry if things look 'cute', haha. If I haven't ever mentioned it before I live with a husband and then two bachelors (who are single and looking, ladies...hint hint[what does being a bachelor even mean?])

Our afternoon consisted of lots of laughs, stories (note the picture of myself mid sentence), crafts, and delicious food. I had a barbeque tofu panini...yummmm, and raspberries for dessert of course. Jessie and I met last year and have had numerous hangouts since then, but all of my friends (read:Patrick and the people in the van/band, which are also the people we live with) refer to her as "new friend".

For example, they will ask "What time are you hanging out with new friend tomorrow?"

...which shows how often I have friends, haha. I finally told her what everyone knows her by, and she told me all of her friends refer to me as "blog girl". So that just adds to the reasons why we make a good pair, haha.

Last photo taken from here


  1. this post makes me want to be a part of your life. you and your new friend are sooo cute. i wish i had more people to have craft picnics with.

  2. one of my favorite posts of the week! So sweet. And that blouse is lovely on you.

  3. i love both your blog & strawberry moth! both of you are adorable, & what a lovely craft picnic :)

  4. Love your blog so much! Also, put in a good word for me to Garrett (I'm the gal who tweeted you about the urban outfitters contest lol).

  5. your friend is so pretty I love her style!

  6. Sounds like a perfect afternoon!!! Lovin' that short red hair!

  7. Ooh, I didn't even realize taht was her apartment at first- I thought it was a cute coffee shop or something! New Friend sounds like such a fun girl!

  8. Pretty pics! A craft picnic sounds like a grand idea xxx

  9. Your craft picnic looks so beautiful! Love your blog, always so creative and sunny.

    Oh, and if either if your housemates are ever looking for a London girl...!

    Bella x

  10. I totally love your blog...great pictures darling!


  11. this is the cutest thing! I just found your blog and am loving it :)

  12. I love it, looks like nice times :)


  13. This looks like sooooo much fun! I need to try it this summer :)

  14. Her apartment is adorable! I need giant art.


  15. lovely photos. i love your lace top. vute picnic. and gorgeous camera . i love slr cameras i have nikon one so cool.

  16. These pictures are so special. A smiling face always makes me feel warm. Loveliness xx

    hope to hear from you*
    love amy ^.^



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