Monday, April 4, 2011

Dreamy Friend Dates

Well I made it back home! This time without any lightning struck planes, although my flight home was the weirdest flight I've ever had BY FAR (old women stealing my seat & cramped spaces next to a very chatty flight attendant, doesn't sound so weird but you had to be there). But best news of all, we will be home for the next week and a half, yay!!

These pictures were taken right before I left home last month and I will hopefully have more pictures with this lovely lady to share, as we are having a friend date on Wednesday. On the day of these pictures we had ourselves a mini thrifting date. I discovered the coolest little antique store close to my house, I've only been there twice but each time I have come home with a few treasures, I will have to share some pictures of my finds! Anyway the store is run by a younger guy, who is very trusting while you shop I might add, he wanders in and out of the store leaving the place 100% unattended half of the time. He also builds lots of weird moving sculptures out of lots of old junk. And doesn't seem to care much about the fun girly antiques, so those seem to leave the store with pretty low prices, which I can't complain about.

Anyway, here are a few pictures we took in the side yard connected to the shop. I had my trusty little tripod handy in my purse, so we perched it on an old chair that was lying around. I can't sing the praises of this tripod enough, its so convenient!

Well I have some orders to go work on and groceries to buy, so I hope you are having a good Monday!


  1. Welcome home!
    These are adorable! Friend dates are the best!

  2. I just saw you're going to be in Nashville soon! We should meet!

  3. Goodness, how I love friend dates! And what a clever idea having a tripod! It definitely makes for more of a discrete photo session!


  4. soOo cUte ^_^ x


  5. Welcome back!
    Cute outfits!

  6. Gosh you must be really looking forward to sleeping in your own comfy bed after all that time in the van!
    Glad that you are back home safe and sound :)

  7. love your belt and love your friends bowler hat! :) x

  8. i love those doors in the background of your photos!

  9. These photos are so cute, you and your friend compliment each other so well!

    Love the background as well, the doors are so adorable. :)

    The Cat Hag

  10. Thank you about Martha! She's such a little mess of a dog right now. She may need a tummy tuck cause her saggy tum isn't shrinking back into place after the pups she just had a few months ago, and needs a bunch of teeth pulled (possibly doggy dentures?)

    And thanks for verifying, I'm one of those people that can take simple directions and make them way too complicated!

    ps-your goats are super adorable, we had a goat not too long ago who went to a big goat farm because she was supposed to be a pygmy cross and turned into a huge mountain goat cross that was bigger then the neighbors dogs. and liked to head butt our front door! ironically her name was georgia and you have goats in georgia. :)

  11. Hey, I see you (may perhaps) be in Jacksonville on April 16th. I could easily make that trip up there to see you at your husband's show. I'm assuming they'll play Murray Hill?

    Anyway, let me know if you'll be there and if you'd want me to steal you away for a bite to eat or something fun.

  12. I love friend dates, they are the best arent they... nothing like a mate date to catch up and spend some quality time with someone you really like x



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