Friday, May 13, 2011

Snack Time

Yesterday I went into the kitchen for my second coffee session (I am in the process of forcing myself to have a normal sleep schedule {not 3-hours-here-4-hours-there-if-you're-lucky-tour-sleep}) and was hungry at the same time. But with no idea what to eat. Luckily our kitchen doesn't come with too many packaged 'bad' for you snacks...or else I would be in trouble most days! So I ended up grabbing a banana, then saw dark chocolate almond butter (that's healthy-ish!) to spread on the banana...and then saw walnuts! Let's just say I haphazardly stumbled upon one of the world's best snacks/meals. YUM. So go try it right now!

I am just glad no one was around to comment on my creations appearance... we all have preschool toilet humor around here.

Nuts on a Log..errr...chocolate log?
Banana a la Chocolate!
  • Spread a banana with chocolate almond butter (or Nutella or this which looks a tad healthier)
  • Slice said banana
  • Add walnuts! (or other nuts of choice)
  • Enjoy!!


  1. yums! i'll have to try that sometime. i love nutella, bananas, AND walnuts so it seems like a match made in heaven :)

  2. Mmm! I'm kind of obsessed with banana and chocolate! When I was a kid I always used to microwave bananas with a bit of chocolate - yum!


  3. yummy! i will try that one time.

  4. Yum this sounds amazing! Also chocolate almond butter sounds awesome in and of itself!

  5. OMG YUM!


  6. This is amazing. I often snack on fresh fruit and Nutella.

  7. very yummy looking. my dad saw it on the screen and said it looks like a caterpillar :)

  8. bwhahahahah!!! nuts on a log. you are awesome.

    but is does look reeeeallly good!

  9. Oh my gosh, after you posted this I have become absolutely addicted. As in, bananas, chocolate and nuts every single night. It is so delicious! Luckily I'm doing lots of yoga to work it all off!

  10. this is a wonderful idea! 3 things my boyfriend loves all mixed together, I'll be sending him this for lunch.

  11. Yum! Love your blog by the way.

    ♥ sécia

  12. That looks so good!

    Every time I make banana bread I spread peanut butter on the slice I'm about to eat. SO delicious too!

  13. Oh my goodness, this looks SO yummy! Definitely trying this ASAP!

    Katie x

  14. I make the same thing sometimes except with melted chocolate. Try coating the walnuts in some honey and a tiny pinch of salt, it adds something extra yummy, unless you dont like honey .. or salt



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