Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tights to stand the test of time!

I have been on the hunt (as I'm sure many of you have) for the perfect tights. I wear tights almost every single day and I am not gentle on them. So I really need something that is durable. I used to love some of the tights from Target, but they recently changed the way they're made and I have had multiple pairs fall apart within two wears. That is just dumb, even if they do only cost $5 a pair.

On top of needing some darn good tights, they also needed to be fairly made to get my support. Well I searched around/wrote different companies, and from one company in particular I received this response:

"Here is a bit of background info on WLC...
We Love Colors products are currently made in the USA, China, Taiwan, Turkey, and Columbia. Our products arrive in white and are color dyed and finished in Miami, Florida. We execute corporate responsibility when selecting vendors to purchase from.

We require all vendors with which we buy direct to permit us to visit and inspect the facilities where the products are produced.

We request information regarding the identity of the manufacturer of goods for products we buy indirectly from distributors. If the distributor does not provide this information we actively pursue alternative vendors for those products and/or terminate relations with said distributor. We require that all vendors strictly follow labor laws for their workers.

In fact, our president and owner Craig just took a trip to Taiwan this summer to check out some of our manufacturers and was extremely impressed with their business practices, facilities, and the treatment of their work force. He has also visited several manufacturers in China, North Carolina, and New York. We try to keep strong relations with both our domestic and overseas manufacturers to ensure they are conducting their operations in an ethical and fair manner."

That sounds pretty good to me, a lot better than most of the options out there for tights...

We Love Colors was generous enough to send me a few pairs of their nylon/lyrca microfiber tights to try out. And let me just say that these tights are AMAZING, and I am not just saying that. I took a few pairs on tour for a little over 9 weeks, wearing one of the three pairs almost every single day...not one rip or anything! I couldn't think of a better test for tights than tour. Climbing over van seats, carrying around boxes/other things, crawling around on who knows what kind of floor to move stuff around or roll up extension cords,etc...EVERYDAY! They have a bazillion colors to use from and the colors I have are still just as vibrant after being washed. A $12 pair of tights that lasts for who knows how long is a much better investment than $5 ones that will need replacing all the time. Aaaaand they have $5 flat rate shipping, which everyone should have (you hear me, other stores??)

tights: in scarlet red c/o we love colors shirt:f21 skirt:handmade shoes:rocket dog


  1. Thanks so much for this post! I've also been searching for some good quality, ethically produced tights and everything i've come across before seems to cost an insane amount and only come in basic black. Have you only tried the nylon/microfibre? I've been trying to work out the difference between the different types of opaque tights.

  2. I'll have to keep my eye out for them! I also go through tights really quickly. I don't even know how it happens - but I always seem to ladder them. I usually spend about $14 on a pair of tights, but find them to not last very well! It's so frustrating!


  3. yay for good tights!

    and thank you for sharing them with us.

    good to know.

  4. oh, how great! a pair of tights i JUST bought from target snagged the other day.
    i might just give these little gems a try ;)

    thanks for sharing, ness!

  5. Thanks for sharing! I def agree it's better to spend $12 and have ones that actually last. It can really be hard to find affordable fairly made products so I'll have to look into these.

  6. Oh yeah! I keep forgetting to order tights from them, but to choose? They have SO MANY COLORS!

    The red ones you have are killing it.

  7. Thank you thank you thank you! I desperately need a few new pairs, I'm down to one pair that's too short for my legs (5'8" is not the far end of "tall"- for chrissake, almost all the women in my family are over 6' and I'm considered the short one at 5'10"! Stupid sizing)
    Thanks for doing the research for me! I'm picking up a few of these as soon as my paycheck gets here.

  8. Nice! They look great on you!That sounds like a pretty good deal.

  9. Thank you! I've been wanting to try We Love Colors. Everyone always raves about American Apparel, but the company itself strikes me as super skeavy, so I can't support it, despite the anti sweatshop stance.
    It's been hit or miss with me with Target tights.

  10. I'll have to check them out! I love how colorful & playful they are...very cute.

  11. Ooo, thanks for the suggestion! I personally used American Apparel tights and they lasted me forever but they aren't cheap. And on a side note, I believe it's Indonesia that has really progressive labour laws, thanks to some agreement they had about goods manufacturing back when Clinton was the US president (I don't remember, I heard it on Radiolab).

    It's especially great because it's not at all to a company's advantage to make "unbreakable tights". A shop in Montreal sold tights that didn't wear or rip at all in the 60s, and promptly went out of business because people never had to buy tights again!

    ALSO! I just found this blog and I am in love! :)

  12. Love your blog (hope you check mine out). And, I love the post on tights. I spent like 45 mins the other day trying to find a pair online, with no luck!

  13. I bought three pair a month ago, and they're so wonderful. Excellent customer service too - they're a really kind company. Good to know they survived tour life.

  14. Ooh, ooh! I read this post while I was waiting on my shipment from WLC and was desperately hoping for the same experience, and..I can absolutely vouch the same thing! They're incredible quality and are the perfect stretchy and cosy fit. Their customer service is great too.

    Also, just as an added suggestion, I have only washed mine once thusfar and I would recommend separating them because of the excess dye still present in the gorgeous colours.

    Yay! xx

  15. I'm a recent We Love Colors convert and now they are all that I will wear. So comfortable, durable and the color is bright.

  16. This is great! But does anyone have recommendations about sizing? I'm 120 lbs but I often find that S/M tights are still too tight and opt for the M/L. Are WLC sized accurately or would it be a good idea to size up to the M/L?



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