Friday, May 13, 2011

Woodsy Shop Update


I have been busy collecting pretty things from all over the country and am dying to share everything with you. So here are a few things for now! What do you think of my new style of shop pictures? I am feeling like it suites me better than my previous ones.

Oh, and if my face looks pained in any of these it is because I was being EATEN ALIVE by mosquitoes the entire time.

not yet listed- check back!                              Navy Polka Dot Dress- $20

   Pleated Sheer Turquoise Dress- $22                               Not listed yet- check back

Periwinkle Pleated dress- $24

Peach Dreams Sweater- $19


  1. I love the photos! :) the background is great!

  2. Lovely things!

  3. Hi! I like very much your blog, I follow your blog for a while, if you want to check mine...



  4. I love the style of the photos. . . .they look different to just the normal ones you see in front of a white wall :)
    Great stuff too!!!
    Jess :)

  5. lovely, i really like the forest background in these! :)
    ill have to check out the shop!

  6. you are some kind of beautiful and all these items are too! also i just spend a long time reading back entries on your blog, i love it!

  7. Just discovered your blog and glad I did :)
    Lovely photos and items.Look forward to reading more!

    Marisa x

  8. Howdy, I stumbled across your blog thanks to your guest post and I just loved your photos, poses and style! And your tattoos! The pleated dresses here are beautiful, and the peachy sweater is indeed a dream! Shame I can't afford any clothes unless they happen to cost 1 euro.....

    cheers from your newest follower,
    --Megan//The Martian Tide



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