Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Funniest Ladies

I have no other reason for posting besides to show everyone some baby goat pictures. Weren't they SO CUTE??? I can't even stand it. Also, they were about 4 months old when we got them here, can you imagine what they looked like when they were baby babies? I sure can't, I really would die. Minty and Lola for life!


  1. goats for me always sit halfway between cute and a bit evil (it's the eyes) but these ones are pretty adorable!

  2. Oh my goodness, they're so precious!!

  3. omg, i love the one with the horns.


  4. GAH so cute!! I love baby animals. Is there anything better than a tiny version of a thing? :D

  5. WEEE ANIMALS! I'm being a mouse for Halloween! I just posted about it...which is such a coincidence I found this post.

    I went to an Ocktoberfest (in Oyster Bay, NY) the other day and I headed directly to the petting zoo to see the mini and alpacas...and baby lambs! THEY WERE SO CUTE AND FUZZY <3

    Anyway, I like you so I'm following.

    - Gab
    - www.shortfashionstories.blogspot.com

  6. They do have creepy eyes. Hopefully these are nice goats. My bf's parents adopted an unwanted billy goat and he tried to head butt everyone who comes near! Now they are trying to give him away but nobody will take him.

  7. Ack! These guys are adorable! My brother picked up a couple of wicked billy goats several years ago (he saw an ad in the paper "Two goats= $40" and couldn't resist the temptation!), and they used to head butt like crazy, too! The last straw was when they climbed up on my grandmother's car-- I think she would have shot my brother AND the goats in cold blood if she knew how to use a gun! But I still love goats!

  8. Ahhhh, they're so cute! Thanks to you, I want nothing more in life than to have pet goats someday!

  9. Ooooh!!! I love goats. <3 One chewed my braid off when I was a little girl, bahahaha.

  10. YES always post goat pictures I will never get tired of it. I'm definitely going to have goats one day they're just all kinds of cute <3


  11. They are very adorable!! Mother nature is just incredible! I will be moving to the country soon which means I’ll petting many goats, well my current home already looks like a cabin, but am pretty sure the change will come with drastic measures.
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  12. So cute :3 I'm really envious of anyone who has adorable animals.

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