Friday, October 28, 2011

A wedding!

This past weekend, a certain lovely lady got married! It was the absolute best wedding I have ever been to...ever. Everything was just perfect. It was in an old Civil War fort (perfect, right?) so everything was enclosed in big brick walls. The ceremony took place at sunset followed by the reception, all in the same area. There was delicious food (hello, one of the appetizers was squash soup in little espresso cups!), even more delicious cupcakes, dancing, a dog in the ceremony, a CAMPFIRE with s'mores (!!), and most importantly...the most beautiful bride ever. I am SO excited to see their wedding photos, I just know they are going to be perfect. I feel so thankful for getting to be apart of something so special.

As excited as I have been about this wedding...I, of course, didn't plan out at all what to wear. So I was flinging clothing over my shoulders like a mad woman an hour before I had to leave. I won't even admit how many times I changed. Then I remembered this dress I had gotten from an estate sale. My size, nice, and fall colors? Bingo! This isn't really a style I wear ( I for some strange reason prefer dresses that look like they are for toddlers in the 60s), but I am thinking I like it! I am also WAY WAY out of the 'outfit photo' taking thing, shoot it's been a loooong time. I need some practice apparently.

p.s. you really can't tell at all, but I found the. best. necklace. ever.  It is a teeny tiny squirrel and I am obsessed with it. Maybe I have pretended to talk to it once or twice before. And maybe I am thinking I need another one, maybe a bear. You just don't understand how tiny it is!

dress/shoes: vintage   tights: in mocha c/o we love colors   necklace: purchased here


  1. My heart has melted from this post. It was truly the most magical day and I am so happy you were there dear friend!
    Xo, Strawberry Moth

  2. Sounds like a gorgeous wedding! And that necklace is perfection!!! :D

  3. That wedding sounds charming! And I love your dress and necklace. I really like tiny little charms!

  4. What a wonderful wedding! And I love your outfit, very beautiful + That teeny tiny squirrel necklace is just adorable!!!

  5. aww how nice!! I love your dress that you wore for it. Yey for cupcakes and weddings.

  6. I'm dying so see some of these wedding pictures, it sounds like such an interesting event. I'm also loving the squirrel necklace, something about things being teeny tiny seems to make you love them more I think

  7. i do the opposite; i plan out what i'm going to wear in my head and then i put it on and decide i hate it!! haha. and then i run franticly between my closet and my laundry trying to figure out what i should wear! haha.
    that sounds like my dream wedding, i can't wait to see photos! :)

  8. It all sounds just lovely! You look so pretty in your dress, as well. The autumn colours are perfect! I'm loving the sparkles on the wedding ring finger manicure, I must try that!

  9. I am in love with your dress! It's so unique, and definitely a wonderful fall dress. It also sounds like the wedding was lovely!



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