Friday, November 4, 2011

Oh this guy again!

So by now Patrick has been gone for a little over 2 weeks, still on tour in Europe. What a lucky duck! Thanks to technology it hasn't been as terrible as I thought. We still get to talk on the phone probably every other day, sometimes only for a few minutes but I'll take what I can get. I think my strategy has been to just not think about it. I mostly just think about whatever is coming up immediately, even really non important things like how I should fix my hair. I sleep, eat, sew, a few days a week go to my "real" job, and go to the gym. I realize once we move I'll be staying home when he goes on tour, but that will be a little different. First... we already have lots of Portland friends (and will hopefully just make more!), won't live in the woods, and will have more things to do. And secondly, for US tours we can talk on the phone as often as we want. What was the point of this post?? Oh yeah! To show you pictures from a very very sleepy and early "date" we went on the morning the band left!

We went to a very delicious donut shop and had a very healthy breakfast. I had an amazing pumpkin donut AND a maple one. Maple donuts or maple bars are by far my favorite kind of donuts ever. Apparently they don't have that kind everywhere? I don't know where I heard that.

Have I ever mentioned we had donuts en lieu of a wedding cake? We eat donuts in this family.

p.s. Patrick is a coffee drinker now (!!!), what better time to start than at 30 years old? According to him, he doesn't love the taste yet, but he doesn't hate it anymore (if that's not a reason to drink coffee,what is). He is just trying to get cool for Portland.


  1. We had donuts instead of cake at our wedding too!

  2. My boyfriend is on tour in Europe at the moment too! Currently in Germany. It's lonely :(

  3. Having boyfriends on tour is hard! I agree to just take day by day and stay busy not thinking too much about them being gone.
    Also my boyfriend just started drinking coffee this year! he is in his 30s. It has to be really sweet for him to like it though. Of course he starts when I can't drink any (I'm pregnant) and I am jealous!

  4. We don't have maple donuts in Australia! They sound so good! We are definiteley a bit of a donut family too... Donuts instead of wedding cake sounds perfect to me!

    Katie x

  5. Eeeeep! I am coming to the US next year and can't wait to try maple donuts! I hadn't heard of them until now and am giddy with excitement. Pumpkin donuts sound pretty darn good too!




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