Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Little Update

Hello everyone! I just thought I would pop in for a quick post in between sewing up a storm. Here is a list of things that have happened lately, all very riveting of course.
  •  We got our Christmas tree and then went out for an impromptu Japanese food dinner afterwards, I remembered to bring my camera- sans memory card.
  • It is December and still 72 degrees outside... I am not happy about this
  • Had a very fun anniversary of dinner, fancy hotels, and more eating, and took hardly any pictures
  • Saw the Muppets on Thanksgiving. It was wonderful
  • Started the Insanity workout (AGAIN) yesterday, I want to cry just thinking about having to do it again tonight
  • I check craigslist like 10 times a day for Portland houses
  • I am working on orders and wholesale orders this week, but afterwards I really need to take time to make myself a few things. My goals- velvet shorts and a Portland weather worthy coat (That second thing is kind of a necessity)
  • Oh, did I mention we are moving ACROSS THE COUNTRY in less than a month? Help me!

Photos above:
1. Anniversary date breakfast, with a handsome dude
2. & 3. Packaging up some orders
4. Made some homemade chai concentrate the other night, to drink after getting our Christmas tree of course (used this recipe, but with honey instead of sugar, delicious!)


  1. Sounds like you've been busy! I'm sad we never got to visit you guys in Georgia but I guess this means we will just have to make a trip to Portland! It's on our list of top places to visit anyway! YAY!!!! Oh and happy late anniversary!! :)

  2. E and I were going to move to Portland, but we only made it to Colorado. Mondo regret, so good for you for actually doing it!



  3. That all sounds lovely and tormenting. haha! Picking out tree=lovely.
    velvet shorts=lovely.
    insanity workout=torment.
    moving=more torment.
    cross country move=THE HORROR!!!
    Help? I would be happy to do a guest post for you if you'd like whilst you are busy moving :) www.youaremynewdream.blogspot.com

  4. my husband and i are moving too!! not all the way across the country but still, its a busy time of year to add a move to the mix! i sent my husband a little email with a link to your shop, and told him what i wanted for xmas...:) i think what you are doing would be my dreeeam job, and i think the dresses you make are just the sweetest. ooooh, long comment--all to say hi, and i enjoy your blog alot.

  5. The tea sounds lovely, I need to try that. The move sounds exciting. But I know that whole looking obsessively at craigslist for houses I did that last year it drove me insane. I hope you find a cute little home in Portland asap.


  6. So excited for your move as I just did the exact same thing in August! It can be a bit overwhelming moving across country, that's for certain. Are you planning on renting? Coming from Texas, renting was a breeze, but it really took us almost 3 weeks to find a place once we got here (I also think we were on an awkward renting timeline). Good luck to you! And hope to see you around town soon. xo

  7. you were in savannah!
    my favorite place on earth.

    and your chai concentrate sounds so perfect. thank you for sharing.

  8. I just found out that I will in all probability move to Portland next year, too, as I got offered a great opportunity - and for you are probably one of the coolest people on the interwebs I'll be creepy and say I hope I'll meet you there.

  9. I think I commented back when you announced the move about how jealous I was, and since then we've decided to move there, too! Portland is where I'm from and where my family lives, and over Christmas we're driving back there from Boston. I hate it here and love it there, so I'm super excited, but yeah, moving across the country is a huge pain. My new mantra is, "If I don't love it, it's not coming with me."

    Anyway, maybe I'll see you around town when we both get to Portland. Good luck with your move!!

  10. you're moving so soon, yay!!! I have been spending a lot of time on craigslist for the very same reason... (we're feeling like we need to be back in the city, the farm is just too far out) so far i'm just feeling frustrated. I hope you're having better luck!! :)

  11. Ooh - what if that is MY dress?! Exciting!
    I love the idea of velvet shorts :)
    Good luck with your move!

  12. Hello! TRY NOT TO PANIC we moved from south west England to Edinburgh earlier this year, and yes trying to sell our flat and find a new one to rent AND buy another one was stressful... BUT it does always fall into place in the end. And you will be so proud of yourselves for getting through it. It really was the best decision we've ever made and an such an adventure!

    (Also make lists! Don't keep everything circling round your head! It's much easier when you see it in front of you!)


  13. if you do end up making a coat, you should post about it because I've attempted to make a coat before...it didn't turn out that well. Also, I've had homemade chai before, and it is DELICIOUS!

  14. Wow, I just realized that you're in Savannah! I pass by Goose Feathers almost every day, but I've never been inside. I guess I'll have to try it!



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