Sunday, January 29, 2012

We made it!

Contrary to how it may appear, I am ,in fact, still alive! The whole moving process turned into one gigantic mess. We were supposed to leave Georgia on a Sunday but ended up leaving on THURSDAY!  At one point we climbed in the van to finally leave, but noticed everything was so heavy the trailer was pulling the back of the van almost down to the ground. So everything had to be unpacked to redistribute all of the weight. My most perfect mid-century dresser had to be left behind, but it was either keep the dresser or get to move! I would say I chose wisely.

Anyway, after a luckily uneventful drive we made it to Portland! Thankfully years of going on tour prepared me for a 45 hour drive, after doing quite a number of those they don't seem so terrible. We drove the last 32 hours nonstop! I say 'we' very lightly, I've never learned how to drive with a huge trailer and I figured a cross-country trip in the winter was not the right time to try! Finding/moving into a new house also took a lot longer than expected, so by the end this move took weeks longer than planned for. But we are here and have a house! Hooray!

I sure hate not being able to sew or getting to be productive.  I start to feel very antsy and then grumpy and tired! Our house is getting put together slowly but surely, at the top of the list was getting a work table. Sewing on the floor/a tiny end table just doesn't really cut it. We also have a bed now! Sleeping on some bedding on the floor for weeks is also a way to feel grumpy and tired... so ashamedly I had some moments where I was probably pretty rude and just a blast to be around. Ha! We are still on the furniture hunt, our bedroom consists of a nice bed surrounded by piles of junk on the floor. With a big huge sewing table and a good place to sleep... watch out world! I am a work machine now (in the best way possible).


  1. So glad you got to Portland safely! : ) Moving long distance like that is such an exhausting process but it really is all downhill from this point. When I moved I had my craft area set up months before I owned any kind of bed. Its obvious where my priorities lie. Haha take your time and enjoy the new town. Im actually planning a little Portland getaway at the end of March... Im so excited to stay at my hipster hotel and go exploring.

    Take care!

  2. YAY! Glad you're settling in.

    ♥ sécia

  3. congratulations for the moving, best wishes for you in this new adventure :)

  4. Sounds like quite the journey but I'm glad to hear you made it in one piece. Good luck with arranging and here's to hoping you're sewing sometime very soon. :)

  5. aww portland! i want to go. i love moving! it's a fresh start. you and your guy are super cute together!

  6. I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one crazy enough to move cross country in the winter! Next month I'll be saying so long PA, hello OR! I can't say though that I am looking forward to the driving part...

  7. :) yay! Glad you made it!
    Cat clock is cute I have a red one like it.
    Happy hunting I hope you find the perfect replacement mid century dresser too

  8. Congrats on moving to Portland! My hubby and I dream of someday living there. I wish you and yours the best of luck and may you be able to set up your sewing/craft area soon. :)

  9. Yay! You did it!
    Anyway I thought your husband was playing in Parachute this year?

    1. Oh he did! He said it was amazing! They have a couple more shows in New Zealand and then he comes home next week. I am so jealous, I bet New Zealand is BEAUTIFUL!

    2. You know what?!! They rocked it!!! Mainstage - rad! Oh you should come down next time, it's gorgeous.
      It's New Zealand, the land of long white clouds :)

  10. Welcome (back) to the Northwest! It's paradise. Happy settling in and exploring :)



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