Monday, February 6, 2012

Coffee for two

 photo from here

I don't think I've mentioned it on here yet, but for the past 12 days Patrick has been on tour in New Zealand. New Zealand!! I had grand plans of all the wonderful things I would fill my days with while he was gone, I mean, we live in Portland now, come on! But to be honest, I didn't do the best job of staying busy outside of the house. I am still working on this occasional being by myself business. Its not so bad and or so hard, its just a whole lot easier to put things off and not try as hard when no one is around to notice. At least for me it is! We also have barely gotten settled in, so I am excited for him to get back home and experience living in a new city together. I am also ready for the little things, like getting to drink coffee together in the morning. That might be my favorite way to start off the day.

But have no fear... for Patrick returns tonight!

Now I am off to hangout with (and meet) the lovely Kara, let's hope I don't scare her away with my talking about animals too much.


  1. New Zealand! I'm glad you've illustrated our country with a flat white, very apt indeed.

  2. Yay for exploring Portland! I'd love to grab coffee and introduce you to some fabulous local spots, so let me know if you want to meet for a drink! We have a mutual friend in Katie (Skunkboy) so you can refer to her for assurance I'm not a total creep. :) Hit me up -

  3. Yes, yes get out and explore that town. : ) Don't be shy about sharing cool places either, Im visiting at the end of March and I have no clue where to go haha


  4. I can't believe he was over here and I didn't even know, what band is he in? Where did he go? I'm so glad they braved the ridiculously long trip to get here!

    1. Parachute indeed!! They rockin hard aweeeeeeeesome! I believe he has story to tell..

  5. HAha, Matariki said it perfectly. I'm also in New Zealand, and the Flat White is close to becoming our National drink I'd say. It's been raining alot here, I hope he wasn't here to experience Summer.

  6. Honestly, one of the things I'm looking forward to most in marriage is the opportunity to wake up and greet the day with my husband. Coffee moments are some of my favorite as well. Good luck getting more settled in now that your man is home. I can lack in productivity when I am missing someone as well.

  7. new zealand! what in the world? I'm terribly jealous.
    tell him to look out for hobbits.

  8. new zealand!? crazy! I feel the same way! I always end up being so lazy when I am all alone. My boy is going on tour in Europe this summer right when we're moving to Portland, eep! I'll have to practice my being alone skills haha

    and that coffee looks terribly delicious...

  9. I have a boyfriend in the Marines and I miss him daily and I miss the simple things like getting coffee in the morning. I just got a blog about a month ago and though I would stop by and say that I love your blog and found it just looking around on the internet one night. Love every part of it :) Hope he had a safe trip :)



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