Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hello Neighbor

So, I have a problem. It turns out I have become far too used to taking pictures of myself with no one else around. At our house In Georgia we lived in the woods, so I could run around or jump up and down screaming and no one would've ever known. Now we live in a regular old neighborhood (well, a regular old Portland neighborhood so that means everything looks awesome), around.... *gasp* people! This was my first attempt at taking pictures outside of the house. There is a little tiny park area down the street that was empty when I first showed up. Then a lady had the nerve to come and walk her dog across the street. So now you all are getting to see me being and feeling awkward. I didn't even get a good picture of my boots! Oh the horror!

Anyway, for those of you who take pictures of yourself in public... do you have any tips or advice?

Oh, and I have been wanting nice rain boots for months (so much so that I stalked Hunters on ebay for months and months). Well one day while out and about hitting up some thrift stores with a friend I turned a corner to see these just sitting there. AND THEY FIT PERFECTLY.

sweater: thrifted $5   shirt: gift    boots: thrifted $7   shorts: fischer (and on sale now!)


  1. Seven bucks for those boots?! I can only hope that I stumble into my own pair of perfectly-fitting Hunters one day. They're so great.

    And, I'm so scared of taking outfit photos in public that it keeps me from fashion blogging... so, I'm of no help in this department.

  2. Nice boots.
    When I get nervous taking pictures in front of people I just do something silly. Like jump, or stick my tongue out. It relaxes me and makes me laugh, and sometimes I get a good picture out of it.

  3. yeah, i always wondered about that. i don't really have anywhere to hide, either! good luck!

  4. This is funny! because i know exactly what your talking about! My tip is i try to take them as fast as possible ;) and usually my neighbor is sitting on their front porch laughing at me ...

  5. adorable outfit! i love it :)
    ~niki <3

  6. I love this outfit!!! And your boots are so lovely!!
    I really don't like taking outfit photos with people milling about. It makes me uncomfortable + really nervous. I usually try and take photos when people hardly ever go to.

  7. Oh Vanessa! You are the cutest!! Miss you friend!

  8. i didn't know you moved to portland! awesome :)
    as for taking pix with people around, the only trick i've learned is to just try not to care. sometimes people will say dumb things like "take a picture of me!" or ask what i'm doing, but usually they just ignore. it helps to have a photographer too..
    and your hair is looking so great too. i wish mine was curlier!

  9. Aww I love all the dead leaves. I don't know why, I'm not morbid or anything, I just love the way they look. ;)
    And I have zero tips because I too am a shhhhyyy girl when taking solo pics in front of people. That's why half the time mine are taken in my backyard, lol. When I do them out in public and people stare, I just play it off like I'm not taking pictures at all and awkwardly wait for them to get out of view. Congrats on getting your boots! I love a good find.

  10. Ooh, I meant to tell you yesterday that I found some boots, too!
    Ok let's go do some more thrifting together.

  11. It's so hard to not be awkward when other people are around! I try to find as secluded an area as possible, or get someone else (boyfriend or friend) to take my photo. But sometimes I tell myself if anyone sees me and asks, I'll say it's for a project!

    Love the new layout btw!

  12. You're too cute.

    ♥ sécia

  13. welcome to portland! there are lots of alley ways and great big parks for exploring...check out forest park, pier park, and laurelhurst...bring your camera and a friend. this is city is the most accepting place...taking pictures is hardly noticed anymore :) dont be shy...

  14. Love the boots! I recently demolished my pair of everyday (cheap - F21) boots and I'm trying to decide whether to go with some nice rain boots or something else that I can wear all the time in our wet wet weather.

    How've you been adjusting to the move? I was a little unsure when I first moved here about 2 years ago but I'm really loving it now.

  15. You can never go wrong with stripes! And seven dollars for those boots?! What an amazing buy!!

    x Aliya

  16. you know, people in portland are so artsy-fartsy and camera-happy that really they probably won't think anything funny about it! i know it must awkward though - but you're so cute, they will just think it is totally normal. like, of course a darling girl is having her picture taken...duhhh. congrats on the boots! i LOVE when that happens! it's like...they are just meant to be. they were waiting there, just for you. something similar happened to me, got myself a great pair of rain boots.

  17. You look really cute though! I always get a death glare look when taking my own pictures in public.

    Advice would be: 1. tell your husband it's now his job ; D or 2. Get up really early. I did a photoshoot at 7:30 am yesterday! There were still a few homeless people around, but they didn't care.

  18. I think exactly the same thing, I set up my tripod and quickly dash about because of the self-timer but also because I worry that someone is going to catch me! Hehe

    Great blog and I adore your etsy shop,


  19. Hattitude Style Blog

    i learned from delightfully tacky, always have a your working on a photography project.
    i also turn up my exposure to at least 1/250 and put the self timer on 5 continual shots so that will catch my movement. I like to see the clothes moving and that way, I don't look so weird just walking past the camera instead of posing and staring at the camera.
    but all in all i like to find places that are less populated :) ha

    talk soon wild child
    Hattitude Style Blog

  20. your hair is adorable here!

  21. you have my dream haircut. just saw the new dresses in the shop and they all are so lovely.



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