Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Owl's Nest

A few months ago I was the lucky winner of some wonderful clogs via Chelsea of Tea Talk. Well little did I know they would be from the nicest and most helpful company ever, Ugglebo. I wasn't even a paying customer but was treated with the utmost of care and interest! Well I decided to ask them about their labor practices and just how their clogs were made, hoping to get answers that I liked. Well... I did! I was met with a positive response, and even the offer of photos from their factory. Fair labor and safe conditions are something each and every person deserves, so its something that is really important to me and a MUST for buying new things. Ugglebo, one of the oldest clog companies around, is a family run business that started in the 60's and are still using the same factory to this very day. They are using natural materials, as well as production methods that are environmentally friendly. You can also feel good knowing you own a pair of very high quality handmade shoes that will be around for a very long time. So Bravo Ugglebo!

They also are involved in charity, this sums it up better than I could-

"Ugglebo means “owl’s nest” in Swedish. The owl is a universal symbol for wisdom, and the nest is a symbol of nurturing and growth. We at Ugglebo truly cherish these values and we strive to do our very best to share them with children in need. That's why we at Ugglebo donate 5% of our annual profits to the nurturing, growth and passing of wisdom to disadvantaged children through education. We can’t really think of a name or logo that could mean so much to us as our little owl does."

I also have to mention how comfortable my shoes are! They recommend wearing your new clogs around the house or just for short periods of time until you're used to them. But I don't usually listen to most things, so I wore them for a full day at work. When I arrived home 10 hours later my feet felt just fine... they are actually really comfortable. I can't believe I haven't shared these magical shoes on here yet, I will have to do that soon.


  1. What a charming story. Thank you for sharing...and the shoes are lovely.

  2. Hey thanks for sharing this. I currently have two pairs of Swedish Hasbeens that I really love, but I was looking for some other clogs that are just as cute but less expensive to try out. These are sooo pretty; I love all the styles AND they're fairly priced. Those yellow clogs in one of the pictures up there are my favorite, unfortunately the color isn't available on the site. The bright side is they seem to offer an awesome array of hues that I've also fallen in love with. I also enjoy a nice story and background of a company the way you've provided here. Thanks again!

  3. That's great how much care goes into the whole thing!:D



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