Monday, July 9, 2012

Moving! (AGAIN)

Hey friends! We are moving into a new apartment at the end of the month, but still in Portland. I heard many of you are melting in terribly hot weather at the moment. That just seals the deal on us never leaving the Northwest, EVER. We've had a few rough 85 degree days in a row, but somehow we are surviving (all jokes aside it is kind of hot working/sleeping on the third floor with no AC). Going back to hot weather might kill us! For those of you in that crazy triple digit temperatures you better be eating lots of ice cream and drinking lots of iced coffee.

Anyway, I have been trying to gather apartment inspiration because A: I am excited and B: we are moving into a little studio so lots of planning will be needed. Oh also, I will be working out of said tiny home.  Here are some of my favorite ideas!

Do any of you have tiny house/studio advice or favorite places for inspiration?

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  1. How exciting!!! There is a lot of wonderful tiny place ideas on

    look here

    Miss you lady!!!

  2. I hope the move goes quite smooth for you dear!! xo

  3. Pretty much anything from this girl's blog It seems similar to your style too.

    Good luck!

  4. Oh man, moving, moving, moving! Myself and my boyf live in a rather small house. It's not a studio because there is a [thin] wall separating it into two rooms. We have lived here for awhile and this year we had big plans to utilise the ceiling. A hanging clothes drier on pullies and a hanging clothes rack for my dresses and shirts (which you could also put on pullies to hoist out of the way). Seriously, we never got round to it, because, after buying all the material we realised we did not have a drill. And keep forgetting to get our friends one. But I dream about it. It would make so much more space!
    Other than that, throw away things. Since we first moved in here our possessions have may halved. And when we leave. Everything's gotta go!

  5. What a great bathroom! Good luck in the move! I'm going to try that bathroom pic's great!

  6. looove that big wooden radio! I'm moving soon too...super stressful but there's something refreshing about decorating a new place!


  7. Gorgeous interiors! Love the lush colors from the 4th photo and those pretty decors. Got my eye on your blog now.

  8. I'm sure you'll make your tiny new place SO adorable ;)
    And I'm prettyyyyy jealous of your Northwestern temperatures!! Although you guys definitely deserve a break after the brutal Georgia summers you've endured!

  9. Tiny place advice: make everything versatile and moveable. Be creative with storage (gaps under desks, tables, beds), use all your space, and use your furniture as room dividers - we have a bookcase that holds books and DVDs as well as creating a corridor between our living room/kitchen and bedroom.
    It will make you very sensible about what you buy as well - when there's no room for YET ANOTHER teapot that's only $2 at the secondhand shop, there really is no room!

  10. I am moving to Portland in May of 2014 all the way from Oklahoma and would love some advice on where to look for an apartment at. I have a boyfriend and a dog, so those are keepers in my move. But how do living in studio spaces work, and if you have names of place to live rather cheap please send me links. Looking at things on the internet from halfway across the US is a little bit difficult but I am very determined to get there. So anything at all would be much appreciated.

  11. That giant orange couch and honeycomb shelving kill me! I really love Ikea's small space solutions. A walk around their showrooms (if you have one nearby) might help generate some creative space ideas. Good luck with your move!

    P.S. I've been a fan of your shop for a while now, but I just found your blog via Urban Weeds. I'm excited to poke around a bit and am looking forward to following along! :)

  12. I came across your blog from your spot on Urban Weeds. You've got lovely designs... I'm glad I've found you! Scrolling through your posts, I see that you've moved into a studio apartment. My husband and I live in one room here in Portland (, too, and I make my jewelry line there as well( I'd love to see how you've arranged your living and work space in a studio. Maybe you'll share one day? Nice to meet you!



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