Sunday, August 18, 2013

A Monday Date

Coffee Date

You know what is delicious? Coffee! Shortly after this whole baby makin' business, delicious and wonderful coffee sounded absolutely vile. I am talking wretched, even just the thought of it. I, of course, was slightly concerned that it would never sound or taste good again. But then one day I didn't gag at the word coffee, which led to thinking it smelled pretty good, to taking tiny sips of it. So last week we decided to go big or go home and try out a new-to-us coffee shop. I had to pick up a pain au chocolat at our favorite bakery on the way (hey, this coffee date had to be done right!).  Well that first sip was heavenly, a part of my heart had returned! We just happened to choose the location inside of Schoolhouse Electric, so dream house stuff window shopping rounded out our early morning date.

You may also be noticing I am looking a little rounder these days. Growing a person is weird! It's super exciting and fascinating, but also weird. I was just barely past 28 weeks when these photos were taken. I have however been hearing pretty regularly for a couple weeks things like "that baby looks like its coming any day now!"... which is in fact somewhat far from the truth. Talking to Pregnant Ladies 101 would open up with not saying that.

Coffee DateCoffee DateCoffee DateCoffee DateCoffee DateCoffee DateCoffee Date


  1. you're the prettiest pregnant Gal!
    coffee double date soon, please!!

  2. You look amazing mama, what's funny is when your pregnant it's like time goes by so incredibly slowly! and you are just waiting for the baby to come. You have that baby glow and a delicious pan au chocolat sounds amazing right about now dunked in a delicious warm beverage. or you know what sounds amazing.. there is this bakery that makes donuts combined with croissants called cronuts. :)

  3. You are really beautiful, and being pregnant may change your looks but you have the same special glow as you do on all of your non-pregnant photos too :) My sweet mother told me the same story. She is the most humble, calm person, but when people were brewing coffee at her workplace, she shouted their heads off. After I was born, she went back to being a coffee junky, just like she's been before the pregnancy. Funny how the little person growing inside you sets new rules all of a sudden... :)

  4. You look sooooo gorgeous! Oh my goodness. Adorable. And there should definitely be a "Talking to Pregnant Women 101"....people say some off-the-wall things to pregnant ladies sometimes...haha!

    And that coffee place looks amazing. Glad you've got your taste for coffee back ;)

  5. You are so adorable! Glad you're blogging again :)

  6. I'm not usually the type to fawn over pregnant ladies but you look just adorable in these photos.

  7. It's no surprise that you are beautiful, pregnant or not. And yes, I know all about people and their opinions when you're pregnant. Unfortunately, those opinions only get stronger once you've had the baby!

    Love seeing these photos. You are one of my favorite bloggers!

  8. Your photos are so beautiful... I think I am in love with your blog. And I love the way you write about things!

  9. Just stumbled across your blog, and can definitely relate at 35 weeks, people say the craziest things!
    I also completely agree that growing a little person is so amazing, but also just weird sometimes. I wrote a post recently on things that surprised me about pregnancy, I think you might enjoy it.

  10. Vanessa you are the most adorable pregnant lady! Oh my! I am so excited for your new addition to your family. :)

  11. You look amazing!!!! I’m waiting to see your precious baby.

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  13. You look perfect and you’ll be a perfect mother for sure. Waiting to see your little baby.

  14. Well, you are really looking very nice and happy as well. I would like to wish you all the good luck for your baby and keep looking pretty like this.

  15. You are just so damn cute! Have a lovely November sweet kitten!
    Zoë x

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