Tuesday, March 4, 2014

One Week and Six Days

November 12th, 2013

After my whirlwind experience, I wasn't really up to weekly baby photos like I had always hoped. The first couple of months involved a lot more than I expected, I was just too busy having lung surgery to take pictures and do the fun normal baby stuff.  I did, however, manage to get these! Remy was only born two days before her due date, but she still had a case of the tiny baby fuzziness. Looking back through these pictures makes me miss that new baby fluff. I wish I could completely remember what was going on with this girl at two weeks, but I really don't. Whoops! I do remember that she came out wide eyed and wiggly. Each new nurse we saw all had the same comment about how oddly strong she was. There was a freak incident of her rolling over and laying face first in her bed at two weeks old. My theory is that I just laid her down not quite flat or something, but I probably slept that night with one eye on her the whole time. I think we may have a wild thing on our hands!


  1. OMG, a huge congratulations! She's just gorgeous!

    Wishing you lots of happy & healthy times ahead for you and your family! Take the time to go slow and enjoy everything, it does go so fast. xoxoxo

  2. My goodness, she is beautiful...

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